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Gifts which your off-to-college sibling will always thank you for!

Gifts which your off-to-college sibling will always thank you for!

Your sibling is heading off to college and learning how to live on their own. This can be both scary and exciting. You will also be dealing with some major changes too. There are plenty of ways you can stay in touch and keep yourself busy so you can cope with your feelings. Gift them with something by which they can recall you every time they look at it which is useful for their college going time.

Check out these amazing yet helpful gifts that your sibling would absolutely love and thank you for:

1. This functional yet stylish black steel grid with shelves is wall mountable to become the ideal addition to your sibling’s bedroom! They just need to pin up some photographs, collect items, potted plants or add some stationery to complete the look or they can even pin up something which they feel important like the news articles. This is really gonna help your siblings for his/her college life.

2. Gift your sibling a smart looking watch by which they will always remember the importance of time and never be late for their classes and lectures.

3. You can get a LED battery operated night lamp, which will not only work as a lamp but has multiple uses like stationary stand, phone stand. This lamp even has a charging point which is good enough.

4. For storage, you can give your sibling a zippered storage bag which will protect their belongings from dust and moisture. You can give them a foldable bag which can even be folded when not in use.

5. You can gift your sibling a sling bag which can accommodate things like some keys, makeup or some accessories. This will make it easy for her to carry while stepping out.

6. You can gift your partner in crime a 6 photograph frame with all the epic moments framed with lots of memories. They can even look after it whenever they feel a little homesick.

So, gift your siblings with anything you liked from the above mentioned gifts and make some loving memories with them.

By Bhumika Joshi.

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