Goat traders in Vizag coming up with novel ideas for Eid-ul-Adha


This Eid-ul-Adha, livestock traders in the city are going an extra mile to keep their trade thriving amid fears of the Covid-19 impact on their seasonal business. In the given scenario, many farm owners and sheep traders are not only taking up the task of sacrificing the animal on behalf of a customer and supply the meat at their doorstep but are also taking up the responsibility of distributing it among the relatives/friends.

“Covid-19 will prevent many people from venturing out, so we are starting the delivery service. Our staff will distribute the meat at the locations/address provided by the customer. We will be collecting a charge of Rs 1,500 for ten delivery packets,” said Mohd Idris, one sheep and goat traders of Vizag. He is also selling sheep and making arrangements for its sacrifice outside the city in view of Covid-19.

As a practice, the sacrificial meat is divided into three parts – one part for the underprivileged, one for relatives and remaining for the family. However, in view of the Covid-19 pandemic many people are reluctant to buy livestock for fear of contracting Covid-19.

Anticipating the usual huge demand like earlier times, several traders had reared hundreds of sheep at their farm houses outside the city and are now anxious about the prospects of selling the stocks. “We are unsure how the business will be this season. Somehow to survive during the season we are now going the extra mile and trying to help people with animal sacrifice on Bakrid festival and distribution,” said Idris.

Many traders fear that the police will not allow the sheep markets to come up across the city like earlier owing to social distancing and other issues. “In such a scenario most of the traders are identifying open lands or farms in neighbouring regions and sacrificing the goats themselves on behalf of the customers,” said another trader.

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