Good news for Allu Arjun Fans


It is a pleasant surprise as Ala Vaikunthapurramlo releases on Netflix on February 26. Now people can watch it again on their laptop, mobile or TV with a bucket of popcorn in your hand with your family on the couch.

Now the Sunday seems sorted with the sudden release of the Allu Arjun movie in the web space. Though in time of promotion it was said that this movie won’t be put on any of the web platforms.

Just like Trivikram’s movie, there has been a twist even in reality as despite making loads of money and huge ticket sales overseas too. Now the movie has been released in just 50 days.

Was it a marketing trick to raise the demand for ticket sales or do the distributors have no idea about this movie?

Whatever the reason may be it is in the webspace now and fans are rejoicing. Though people do not have their own account, they are going to other households or sharing their friends account to watch the movie.


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