Good News for APSRTC passengers: One-month Advance Booking reservation


The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to extend the booking reservation period to one month for RTC tickets. The government has reduced the deadline from a month to a week in the wake of the corona outbreak. The decision was made due to the imposition of cuts in bus services due to corona outbreaks and the choice of daily services. But this is a situation where passengers have to wait until the last minute for ticket bookings.

With this, the RTC has recently decided to increase the deadline for reservation bookings from one week to one month. This will enable more passengers to pre-book RTC tickets. Meanwhile, officials are holding key talks on reviving RTC services in the wake of the central government’s recent seriousness in imposing a ban on interstate travel. In this connection, a decision is going to be taken on inter-state bus services to Telangana. RTC revenue, which is already at a huge loss, is likely to grow slightly if these also start.

On the other hand, due to the corona outbreak among RTC employees, the authorities have reduced services to various parts of the state. Now they are reviewing the situation from time to time and running buses. Authorities are also working to remove all these sanctions soon.

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