Good News: World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine from Russia

covid vaccine

In what can be termed as good news and much-needed relief to the world which is reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic, which is taking so many lives, the Russian government came out with the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus infection amid continued concern and unanswered questions over its safety and effectiveness. The news comes close on the heels of successful clinical trials on human beings without having no side effects and with clear immune response.

Developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute the vaccine has been named Sputnik-V, a reference to the surprise 1957 launch of the world’s first satellite by the Soviet Union. It has yet to go through crucial Phase 3 trials where it would be administered to thousands of people.

Russia is in hurry to produce a vaccine for Covid-19 like so many other country’s pursuits to find suitable medicine. The coronavirus infected more than 20 million people and killed more than 730,000 around the world. Other vaccines are under the process of development like one at University of Oxford and AstraZeneca and another Biotic company called Moderna and US National Institute health. All are currently undergoing phase 3 testing trials.

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