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Google Expresses Gratitude To Healthcare Workers And research Scientists Through Google Doodle


Many of you must already be aware of Google doodles. A Google doodle is a product of Google that appears temporarily on some special occasions in the place of Google’s permanent logo in homepage. Google always comes up with timely doodles according to the occasion and this time as well, it has come up with a doodle which says thanks to all the healthcare workers, research scientists and doctors.

With the coronavirus still shaking the world and especially India, Google has come up with this doodle that is currently active in the Google homepage. This doodle displays a ‘Thankyou’ message to all the healthcare professionals, doctors and research scientists.

This colorful, animated doodle captures the spirit of the hard work of the essential services providers for their relentless dedication towards eradicating the deadly virus. The animation in the doodle shows a scientist at work with glasses and a heart emoji is being sent to him as a token of appreciation and love for the entire community.

“This World Immunization Week, we send our thanks to every public health worker and scientific researcher working tirelessly to find ways to defeat COVID-19,” Google tweeted.
The outreach of the doodle was limited exclusively to India as India is currently facing a tough time tackling the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

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