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GVMC to develop 7 wonders theme park in the city of destiny


Witnessing all the 7 wonders in a lifetime is not a possible thing for everyone of us. But everyone of us would definitely love to witness them all and try to visit atleast a few of them. Going to the 7 wonders not just takes a lot of time but also need so much of money.

How cool it will be to witness all these 7 wonders at one single place? Right! This may sound impossible, but GVMC is going to make it possible for all the Vizagites soon by recreating the 7 wonders to give a different experience to the citizens.

It is already known that GVMC is setting up 11 different theme parks in the city. This 7 wonders theme park is one of them. These 11 theme parks will be set up in 9.88 acres with 10.92 crores of budget.

The 7 wonders located in different countries in the world would be set up at once place for entertaining the citizens. The seven wonders will be set up in miniatures. Each wonder will be approximately from 22 feet to 30 feet. The miniature wonders will glow with lights during night time.

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