Hacks to keep your hair looking salon styled!


Looking at yourself every day in the mirror and wondering when you are going to hit the salon! Fret not for we are sharing with you hair tips and hacks to conquer and embrace, while we are all staying at home!

1. Washing your Hair –
Try to minimize using shampoo to once or twice a week to wash your hair in order to release your natural oils into the strands. We recommend washing your hair with plain oil’ water in between if you feel like you have a greasy scalp. Use a conditioner only on the lengths of your hair to remove frizz and bring out the smoothness. Now we are all culprits when it comes to hair handling in shower! We know it feels amazing to scratch that scalp but avoid putting too much pressure on your strands as they tend to break more when wet. Gently massage your scalp in to-n-fro motion and not circular in order to prevent tangles in your hair. Always use a SLS and paraben free shampoo to save your hair from harmful chemicals.

2. It’s all about the masks –
You must have been definitely caught up with the whole masking trend for your face! Well, who is stopping you to use them on your hair! Fidget a little in your kitchen to bring out ingredients like curd, mayo, eggs, honey to whip up a thick mask and apply to your hair for smooth and lustrous hair. Wait for half an hour or so and gently wash it off with a mild shampoo. You would notice that you wouldn’t need a conditioner to top it up! I f you want to go professional, by all means look for a hair mask with keratin or biotin as these are the building block protein for your hair. Use it at the end of your shower and wait for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water and you will end up with hair as good as they are after spending a bomb at the hair spa! Try it to believe it!

3. Work From Home Edition –
For all you folks working from home wondering how your hair is going to look in the video call meetings, dry shampoo to the rescue! Dry shampoos are a boon to discovery and are super affordable and travel friendly (in case you want to carry them later in your travel plans). Spray some dry shampoo to your roots and brush your hair to have that immediate volume and that blow dry effect! We are not kidding, once you try dry shampoo, you wouldn’t be able to give it up on your dear lives! Use a sea salt spray to add some texture and to get those beachy waves! If you want a straight look, damp your hair and comb out gently by parting your hair in the way you want. Smoothly, pin up your hair in criss-cross manner on your scalp and wait for an hour. Remove slowly to get that natural straight look. Alternatively, you may use a leave in serum to tame your hair and give an impression of a kempt look.

4. Bye Bye to heat and the likes –
Bid a goodbye to your heating irons, curlers and heat brushes for a while as you need to give your hair time to breathe and gather their natural texture. Heat weakens your hair follicles and thus causes hair fall, dry and brittle hair. If you want to curl your locks, try the easy sock-curl hack where you damp your hair and roll in into a clean sock. Leave your hair overnight or for a few hours and unroll them into beautiful curls. Also stay away from steaming your hair often.

5. Grandma knew the secrets –
We are proud of the culture where our grandmoms would make a weekend by doing the much required oil ‘Champi’! Well it’s definitely a no brainer to oil your hair once or twice a week to nourish that mane and keep that hair looking bouncy and shiny. Remember to only use cold pressed raw oils like coconut, olive, mustard or castor depending on your hair woes. Mildly warm your oil and massage gently to increase blood circulation. And please! Do not microwave your oil as it destroys the linking compounds leading to forming toxic chemicals in your oil.

6. Cheap once in a while hacks-
Do the first thing to protect your hair by switching to a silk pillowcase as it reduces friction to your hair. This helps to prevent unnecessary hair fall and wrinkles (wink!). Try rinsing out your hair with apple cider vinegar or rice water for salon style shine.
We guarantee you will never look back in doubt about your hair concerns once you try these hacks!

Inputs by Ankita Tangde


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