Helicopters shower petals and ships illuminated to honour the services being provided by the frontline warriors


The pandemic has taken a toll all over the world and the people who have been working at the frontline 24/7 are medical personnel, police, sanitation workers.

Putting their lives at stake they have been treating people without even meeting their family.

As a token of love and honour, Armed forces honour the warriors. Group of medical personel who gathered before the Gitam hospital, flower petales were showered on them from the cheta helicopter of ENC.

Not just GIMSR, even on Government hospital for chest and communicable disease, flowers were showered.

Also two ships namely INS Rana and INS Kamorta fired flares and was illumitated with light as a sign of positivity and spreading goodness over the bad.

At times of adversity the efforts being put by these personnel are commendable.

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