Hello Vizag pays rich tributes to Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy on his 71st Birth Anniversary

YSR Hello Vizag

As the personification of an ideal leader, he was a man who was entirely fearless but struck terror into the hearts of his political detractors with his aggressiveness founded in pulsating action. It was his dream scheme that brought free power to the farm sector for the first time in India. The file relating to free power for the farm sector in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh that he signed on 14th May 2004 change the course the farm sector benefits amid a hostile political discourse in which there were many naysayers. Today free power for the farm sector is a hot potato that no government can afford to drop!

All because of one man who stood by his convictions. This encapsulates the political persona of Late Dr. Y. S Rajasekhara Reddy. His commitment to agriculture was deep-rooted. When “know-all: babus were bent upon leaving agriculture entirely to the vagaries of the monsoon and the machinations of middlemen, it was YSR who plated himself firmly in programs designed to improve the love of farmers. YSR became ‘Raithanna’, and the rest his history, nay revolution; Thanks to the string of innovative welfare schemes he introduced, he is ensconced in the hearts of Telugus even today.

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