Hello Vizag wishes its readers Happy Raksha Bandhan


In tough present times, many have stepped to rise to the occasion and help other in need. Some have done whatever they can in their everyday job capacity, while the rest have gone beyond their call of duty. Healthcare professionals, Police personal, good Samaritans and many other who have saved lives and made a positive difference are the Covid Warriors, who are providing Raksha. The rest we can do then is to recognise their services and appreciate their efforts.

This Raksha Bandhan, as a small goodwill gesture, tie a Rakhi to any Covid Warrior you know and make them happy. Their efforts have been, and continue to be selfless and they do so silently without coming in the limelight. To see that they have done all they can in the service of others shows their commitment for the greater good.

Healthcare workers continue to burn the midnight oil, and go beyond their scope of work, to help and heal those affected by the pandemic. They also look after others who are ailing and put in extra hours in service of others. Doctors, Hospital Staff, workers et al in the field of health have proven time and again that they are deeply committed to their work of healing others.

The Police force continues to do everything it can to ensure that people are safe on the roads, that they adhere to Covid-19 restrictions, while also maintaining strict social distancing norms,. The police have been our saviour and guide. They are on the roads 24/7 and are always a call away.

Also during the pandemic, we have seen many who have done their bit to ensure that others are safe, as also meet their needs. In the lockdown, people have asked of their elderly neighbours and have bought them their daily essentials. Many have packed food for the homeless and migrants. Then there are those who have taken it upon themselves to feed the stray animals every day during the lockdown.

Moreover, Covid Warriors have harnessed the potential of social media to connect and serve. Groups have been formed wherein needs have been recognised and helpers reached out to. So this Raksha Bandhan, identify all those covid Warriors you know who symbolise Raksha and spread a cheer by tying them a Rakhi.

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