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Help pouring in from the common people in Vizag for the needy


Indeed the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought society to a literal halt. During this pandemic many NGOs and volunteer groups are going all out to help those in need, several middle-class families have now joined the battle. Contributing their part to help the hapless, several families are making meals for 100-200 people every day and distributing them near hospitals or wherever they see poor people in need of food.

Konda Saraswati and her family have been making 100 meals for poor people near KGH in one town area in these distressing times. We regularly cook one-pot meal of Pullihora and distributed it to people. Helping in these trying times indeed gives me more satisfaction. In fact, many of them even blessed for the food,” she recalls how they began.

Yet another lady who is in her 50s Rama Devi and his mother Sarojini have been distributing homemade food since last year. “In the beginning, we started distributing 12 meals a day. Gradually it went to 300 meals by the end of the first wave. During this time, after the second wave tightened its grip, we again started the serve. But, due to the sickness of my mother, I rented a closed kitchen and hired a cook who helps us. Uptill now, we have distributed 1,300 meals in the last 15 days at VIMS and KGH hospital,” she says adding the meal, which comprises vegetarian biryani / pullihora / fried rice, is cooked and distributed along with buttermilk.

With a little smile on his face, Rama Devi shares that it is not only the rich who can extend a helping hand. “I get Rs. 15,000 salary and till date, all the meals we have made and groceries we have distributed has been funded by me. Stating further, she says it is not a very expensive idea to make food for 100-150 people per day.

At the same time, where these services are motivating people to help more people, the process of making food is also bringing families together. Ram Naidu, who works 6 hours in the morning by roadside eatery, says I personally distribute 10 plates of idly to the poor and needy. Ever since the start of the pandemic, we have seen many deaths, of our close family and friends, and that has been quite depressing.

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