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History of feat in dental fixture done in Vizag’s Hospital


A rare feat of dental fixture done in Srinivas Complete Dental Care hospital in Vizag by none other than Senior dental implantologist Dr. Kandarpa S Srinivas who fixed denture in a completely edentulous jaw in record short time of less than an hour to 73-year-old A V Rao, who walked into the press meet from surgery with a beaming smile that is enriched with fixed dentures.

In what seemed to be an impossible feat all these years, Dr. Srinivas Kandarpa & team assisted by Mr Srikanth from Bredent company and model preparation & guidance from Dr Mahendranath Reddy Garu of Hyderabad, Dr Srinivas has placed 4 dental implants in patient’s lower jaw in less than 20 minutes, thereafter the company technical expert has delivered a fixed denture in another half hour. They feel all this is made possible by meticulous planning of care from the beginning & optimal utilization of digital technology and 3D printing.

All the press & media fraternity was awed by the astonished patient who could not believe that his agony of running around multiple dental clinics for the past many years with ill-fitting & uncomfortable dentures that are mobile and hurting has finally come to an end in a jiffy, in just around an hour.


It was indeed a treat to our eyes when no sooner did the patient come out of surgery, that was beamed live to the chief guest P V N Madhav, MLC, A P State assembly and the invited press fraternity did the patient bite & chew with his new fixed teeth with great vigor & enthusiasm. Expressing his views and his impressions about the procedure & its utility to the public in general & the elderly population in particular, MLC Madhav felt such technologies should be encouraged by the government and availed adequately for good use patients by the doctors.

Commending the specialist, Dr. Kandarpa Srinivas, for the feat of giving fixed denture in a completely edentulous jaw in a record short time of less than an hour, Mr Madhav appealed to the company technical team to reduce prices so that more people can utilize these facilities and that they can be made to the reach of a common man.

Mr. Madhav, acknowledged Dr Srinivas’s committed service to dentistry in specific & society at large, mentioning his legacy of belonging to the Kandarp family from Chodavarm and that his father, Chalapathi Rao also are closely acquainted with his family. He mentioned that Dr Srinivas was moulded in Gudilova & at Puttaparthy schools; and that he knew him since school days. Thanking the organization for inviting him, Mr. Madhav end the event gracefully by giving sweets to the patient & making him eat.

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