Hospice Services – Need of the Hour to provide considerable relief


Some of doctors like N S Raju have seen a lot of health related suffering during the last eight years in their line of duty. In spite of the experience, Dr. Raju felt like crying after visiting Ramya who lives in a tiny room in the forest, few kilometres from Paderu. She is now towards her end of life because of Carcinoma Breast , Stage- IV.

Dr. N S Raju, Managing Trustee of Sneha Sandhya Age Care Foundation, which provides comprehensive palliative care and hospice services to people with terminally sick patients (like advanced cancer) in and around Visakhapatnam.

It could have been otherwise.” She responded well to treatment at KGH, but could not continue because she exceeded the spending limit for the funds sanctioned by Government. This young flamboyant young lady who cheerfully greeted us when we visited her few months back, is now sitting on the floor, legs stretched in front of her, supporting her back by putting both her hands on the floor, behind her” said Dr. Raju

“That is almost an impossible posture to maintain, but she has no choice because she can manage to breath in little air in to her lungs only if she holds on to that position. A good hospice could have provided considerable relief to her suffering, but unfortunately we are not in a position to serve her in any way at present. Pity that we do not have a hospice of our own, eight years after our commencement of services” added Dr. Raju

This is a matter of urgency, as people are suffering while we are planning, deliberating and waiting for something to happen. Let us make it a priority and ensure that we make it a reality within the next two years. Ramya will not get benefited as she has only few days or weeks left. But we can relieve similar plight of many other persons who are suffering in ways no human being should in their last days of life.

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