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How To Stay Focused While Having Social Media Accounts


Social media applications and websites are helping people a lot by allowing them and providing a means to them to connect with their near and dear ones easily, but the social media which has been created to increase the conversations and communication between the people is now becoming a kind of addiction for people that it has become dangerous that one should make efforts to get rid of it immediately as soon as they discover their addiction as it may damage their life.

So, here we present you a few tips that help you to stay away from this addiction

• Try prioritizing your notifications from the social media applications on your Android devices, just turn off notifications for certain applications that you may feel are disturbing you and may distract your attention

• If in case you are using a computer or laptop then you should not be logged in on your social media accounts as you may be easily distracted between the small buffering gaps to switch to those tabs and when you receive any notification you just can’t resist to open and see them

• Let the do not disturb mode useful to you, switch to that mode whenever you are on an important work and prioritize certain numbers from which you would like to receive notifications, messages and call from so that you won’t miss important calls, messages

• Unsubscribe to message notifications of your social media accounts, wait until you login to get the notifications

• Unsubscribe to the email notifications for the social media websites

• You can also make use of some third party applications like forest which helps you to stay away from social media and other websites that you think you are addicted to. Install this application on your device, PC and set it up and add a few websites in it that you think are distracting you the most. And set some time, it will restrict you from accessing those websites and you can work productive

Along with all these useful tips, another most important thing that you need to follow is staying loyal to yourself and towards following these as they will finally going to help you but no on else.

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