How to wear multiple rings in a fashionable way


In jewellery, stacking is the latest trend from necklaces to bangles and now dainty rings. Here’s how to get the stacked ring style right When it comes to jewellery, it’s a case of the more, the merrier – a reason why stacking is a bonafide trend in trinkets. From stacked dainty necklaces to big bangles to earrings – wearing more of the same thing is the current craze. Wearing stacked rings is an easy way to ease in to the trend. Stacking is a way to be creative, expressive, and playful and you can achieve different looks by stacking a certain kind of rings together. But stacking rings require some thought. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Metal Matters
Mix your metals and try different colours. Break free from the monotony of single colours. Put together your own mélange of silver, gold and rose gold. Pick metals that flatter your skin tone for a better effect.

Watch the level
When stacking rings, either go horizontal or vertical. While stacking up vertically leads to more drama. To keep it minimal, go horizontal and wear a ring across each finger instead.

Mind the space
Using horizontal style of stacking, you get to space it out between fingers. You can also stack two rings on one finger and leave an inch between two rings.

Mind the statement finger
Layer up your rings on one finger and that should be the holding finger. Go for stacking along the sides. Use rings of varied widths and textures.

Anything from names, initials to symbols – get creative with your pick of rings. You can also add florals. Also stack according to your mood. Feeling romantic? Go for pearls or diamonds. Boho? Add mood ring and stones. For minimalistic aesthetic, use bands studded with small stones. And stack them horizontally across fingers for a fresh take.


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