Humanity is the need of the hour;  Beirut and surrounding areas residents are a step ahead

Humanity-is-the-need-of-the-hour; -Beirut-and-surrounding-areas-residents-are-a-step-ahead

A massive explosion that had occured on August 4 in Lebanese capital of Beirut has killed hundreds of people, thousands of people were injured and vast destruction of property has occurred which had left many people homeless. Having no shelters had become one of the major problems for the thousands of people who were displaced. This came as one of the major blows for the citizens of  Lebanon, who were already suffering from Covid-19 pandemic. The country was already going through the worst economic crisis in the midst of a pandemic. Rebuilding their homes is not possible soon.

The residents of Beirut and surrounding areas came forward and started offering their homes for shelters. The number is not just limited to few, over hundreds of people offered their homes for those displaced by the explosion and in need of shelter “Showing that humanity is the need of the hour”. Their help is not just limited to shelters, it’s going beyond that where people are coming forward and donating necessities, offering therapies and also donating blood for the injured patients. A group called “thawramap” is using a google map to pin all the available shelters and also to identify those offering resources such as shovels, helmets etc. Another group called open_houses_lebanon is also providing information regarding accommodation and transportation.

Hashtag “our homes are open”, is used by the citizens to offer their homes. While the hashtag “find the helpers”, is also being used to find the help.

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