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Hygiene, bad roads to influence voters of wards 18 & 19 of Vizag East Constituency


A vegetable vendor Lavanya Jayanti said, “The animals are not fed properly by their owners. They often eat vegetables from my shop.”After several complaints, the owners began tying up the cows to the electricity poles. When will all this change,” she said, looking skyward.

The cow dung is dumped into the drainages, which leaves a foul smell and even blocks the drainages. The sides of the streets are covered with dried and semi-wet dung, which makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk. P Shyam, a resident here said that between 4 pm to 6 pm when the traffic is at its peak, it is very difficult to walk from here.

In Pedda Jalaripeta (ward 19), there is a dearth of proper roads. “There are only Kuchha roads here. The roads have been like this for a long time,” said pointing to the muddy roads. He said that another problem that is troubling residents of Peda Jalaripeta- frequent power cuts between two to three hours during summer. “The drains are quite narrow,” said Ramulamma, a resident. She added often, garbage gets clogged in the drainages.

Srinivas Rao of Arilova said that while there are no water issues and power outages and wards 11 and 12 are in a good condition, there is one thing. “Breaking windows and random fights have become an issue of concern in this area. They have to be stopped.

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