Immunity Boosting Tips for Children and senior citizens; shares Karan Singh of Bharat Swabhiman Trust


With the surging cases of Coronavirus in the country, doctors and other stakeholders have opined that boosting one’s immunity can help in minimizing the risk of infection. Children and senior citizens need to take extra care and ensure they follow preventive measures. Karan Singh Panwar, State President of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, MP, shares his views and throws light on the need to protect the little ones and the aged people.

1. Immunity boosting tips for Children.

• Turmeric powder in warm milk (Haldi-doodh), if given in the morning or night, gives best results. Turmeric has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties.
• You can also mix ashvagandha or shatavari powder/churna (available in ayurvedic stores) in warm milk. It is useful in general debility, weakness and loss of immunity.
• In case of cold/cough/fever, children can be given two drops of Tulsi or Ginger Ras.
• Children should be encouraged to practice physical exercises on a daily basis. Any sport activity like cycling, running or badminton increases the overall functioning of the body.
• Simple Yoga and Pranayama techniques also help in keeping diseases at bay.

2. Immunity boosting tips for senior citizens

• Karan Singh suggests that as soon as you wake up, take warm water with a few lemon drops in it. And then any form of exercise like walking, yoga, pranayama will be helpful, if done in an empty stomach.
• A well-balanced diet which is light can be consumed for better digestion. Example- seasonal fruits, vegetables, sprouts, etc.
• Senior citizens should not venture out and must follow all norms like social distancing, washing hands frequently, etc.
• They should also be sensitized on the usage of masks and sanitizers (where necessary).
• Sugar consumption should be reduced for boosting immunity.
On the occasion of Patanjali Ayurveda’s Chairman Acharya Balakrishna’s birthday on August 4, a mega plantation programme is underway in the country, said Karan Singh. More than one lakh plantations of Giloy and Tulsi will be taken up to spread awareness on its medicinal uses.

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