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Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person- the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even lives.. blood when divided into its components- red blood cells, platelets, plasma- can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.

About one of every seven people who go to hospital end up needing donated blood as a part of their treatment, hence the demand for blood in hospitals is always high.

Despite everyone knowing the importance of donating blood, only about a fourth of the people come forward to donate.

According to WHO donated blood is essential for blood transfusion cases like

Women with complications of pregnancy, like ectopic, pregnancies and hemorrhage before, during or after child birth.

Children with severe anemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition

People with severe trauma following man-made and natural disasters and

Many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients.

It is also regularly needed for regular transfusions for people with conditions such thalassemia and sickle cell disease

The constant need for regular donated blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use. Hence it is our responsibility to create awareness and educate ourselves and people around us about the importance of donating blood.

Donating blood is good for the health of donors as well as helpful for those who need it. Health benefits of blood donation include:

Preventing haemochromatosis- haemochromatosis is a health condition that arises due to excess absorption of iron by the body. Regular blood donation may help in reducing iron over load

Lowering the risk of cancer- by donating blood, iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels.

Maintains healthy heart and liver- reduces the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by the iron overload in the body.

Stimulates blood cell production- the production of new blood cells to replenish the blood loss helps in maintaining good health.

You can donate blood at any blood banks or blood donating camps that are organized nearby you. Make sure you are healthy enough to give blood. There will be a health checkup of you hemoglobin levels, blood pressure, temperature before you give the blood. Eat lightly before donating blood.

Almost everyone above 18 years are eligible to donate blood except in few cases and circumstances like

If the donor is experiencing flu or cold

If the donors had a tattoo or piercing within the last 4 months

The person had been Treated infection with antibiotics recently

Weigh less than 49kgs.

Blood donation is not as painful as someone losing a loved one that you might save by donating. Not all of us are frontline workers in saving lives, but we can help keep someone alive with a small gesture. Donate blood- save life!

Inputs from Kavya Sarvasiddi

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