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Celebrating women and their achievements is not all that marks 8th March each year. It is a salute to their undying spirit that faces challenges with elegance all through her life.

8th March. It is a day that acknowledges her success, a day that views her as larger than life and a day that makes her feel special. While whether she deserves just a day for her insurmountable work and support to close ones is debatable, the day is looked forward to all over the world to let others recognized her efforts. What most celebrations miss out on mentioning is that she also needs to be honoured for the many struggles she faces, the many failures she overcomes and the many challenges she embraces to shield her loved ones.

It is not just the highs but also the lows and how she deals with it is what makes her stand apart. Moreover, the common voice says it is the humane qualities in her that deserve more attention than her gender specialties. Yet celebrating her presence in your life on any given day gives her more reason to believe in herself, her abilities.

The Bollywood movie Neerja, based on the real-life incident of head attendant Neerja Bhanot who dies while saving 359 lives of the passengers aboard the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 from Bombay to New York via Karachi and Frankfurt, portrayed the hero in her with every possible nuance. Taking a cue from the incident, it was her sense of responsibility and deep-rooted fighting spirit that made her think of the possibility (of sacrificing her life) and had nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman. She was a brave heart.

Each one of us knows many such brave hearts and it is because of celebrations like this that their names and contributions come to the fore. Still, there are many who continue with their everyday ordeals, bringing smiles to others but remain unsung. Maybe we don’t need a designated holiday to celebrate the strength and courage of women, because women are so amazingly gifted that they should be celebrated every single day. But it is nice to have a day to appreciate the hard work made by previous generations in the fight for gender equality. It is this way of saying thank you to the most beautiful person in your life that will continue to inspire change around the world.

While it is an international phenomenon to acknowledge women on 8 March, in modern Indian society women are playing stellar roles, even challenging their male counterparts in every field- be it politics, science and technology, or art and culture. Women are no longer viewed best suited for certain specific jobs. More importantly, their role in family building and the development of society is incredible.

Indian women are emerging out of their conventional roles, realizing their unlimited potential and have begun to take major roles in all walks of life. This change in mindset has been brought about by women and for women. Of course, loved ones have shown immense support in helping them script a successful story. So the day should include all women and their strong support system in the celebrations.

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