India is the leading user of Social Media Platforms


Social media has become part of our life over the last decade and the number of users only kept reaching new heights. From the time of waking up to the time of sleep people are spending time on social media. Businesses are looking to attract customers and promote their products through social media as the users are high, digital marketing has also gained demand. India has become one of the leading user of social media platforms.

Facebook: India is leading in the Facebook’s monthly active users data with 290 million users as on July 2020, followed by US with 190 million.

WhatsApp: As of March 2020, It had 2 billion active users. Out of which 340 million users are from India, followed by Brazil with 99 million users.

Twitter: As on July 2020, Monthly active users of Twitter stood at 326 million. US is leading the chart with 62.5 million users followed by Japan with 49.1 million users, while India is the 3rd leading country with 17 million active users.

Instagram: Out of its 1 billion monthly active users as on July 2020, US is leading with 130 million, while India has 100 million active users.

Youtube: Top 3 leading countries with most visitors in the past 30 days are, US with 16% followed by India with 9.4% and Japan with 4.9%.

Linked in: It has around 706 million active users and India is the 2nd leading country with more than 69 million active users, while US stood first with more than 171 million.

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