Indian Red Cross Society proposal for setting up of Convalescent Plasma Banks


“There is a need to prioritise our efforts in increasing the recovery percentage and creating confidence among people that Coronavirus is just like any other virus and not to panic,” said BVS Kumar, former State Committee Member, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS). In a statement, he said that the known fact that fear and tension in an effected person will minimise the immunity levels to combat the virus. To improve the recovery rate and reduce the Covid-19 deaths, there is a dire need to make available the Convalescent Plasma to the patients. Convalescent Plasma is nothing but the plasma taken from a person, who is a Covid-19 winner. He says that as the availability of an effective vaccine for this virus is not in sight, only the use of Convalescent Plasma is the only way to reduce the deaths.
Kumar said that at present only one Plasma Bank was set up by Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi. There are a good number of licensed blood banks established by the Red Cross Society. Most of these blood banks have component separation facilities where the whole blood can be separated into plasma, white blood cells and red blood cells. He said they have excellent success stories of the transfusion of Convalescent Plasma in the recent weeks. In the US, Convalescent plasma taken from one donor is being used to cure two or three patients.
In Telugu States also trials are going on in Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad, and Government General Hospitals in Tirupati and Kurnool. The Corona recovered patients should be counselled for plasma donation at the time of discharge. Generally, the plasma will be taken from the patients three weeks after the recovery. The AP State Branch of IRCS has written a letter to Governor Biswa Bushan Harichandan to examine the proposal of establishing Plasma Banks immediately in all districts in the State.

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