India’s tough and right actions are of praises by the World Health Organizations


The pandemic started in the month of December and since then it has been spreading from Wuhan province, China to all over.

People were having a normal life till then and nobody thought that the virus would take a toll on every sector.

Claiming lives to economy, it has wiped it all. Around the globe, whether it is Italy or USA being the most powerful countries, lost too many lives and also the economy is in a bad state.

India has remained to be best as of now in combating the situation, it has not only welcomed the families back from abroad but also sent medicines in times of need.

Didn’t only stand out as a friendly country in times of need but also is combating the deadly virus fiercely.

With utilising spaces of trains and planes, converting coaches to isolation wards. It has proved its excellency even during this time.

From medicines to essentials, everything is being taken care of. And things are being dealt systematically.

With such an approach, WHO is full of praise as India is comparatively doing things quite effectively at this moment.


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