Induction of electric vehicles by waltair division of east coast railway


For the first time, in Indian railways, Waltair Division came with the new thought to introduce electric vehicles in place of hired diesel vehicle to meet the day to day operational & maintenance assets of the railways.

At present, about 50 hired vehicles are being used for the transportation in Waltair division, and out of which 50% vehicles are being used for the crew & other staff transportation purpose. Keeping in view of the increased pollution, climate change & depleting of crude oil reserves, Waltair division railways has taken the decision to switch over to other alternative green energy fuelled vehicles in place of diesel vehicles in their day to day works.

At present the crude oil resources may go end by the year 2050. And countries all over the world working on it for switching over to other fuelled vehicles successfully coming up with battery operated electric vehicles. The fixed & running expenditure of the electric vehicles is very less compared to the diesel fuelled vehicles.

In order to reduce the pollution & other running expenditures, DRM/Waltair Chetan Kumar Shrivastava planned to induct electric vehicles with the help of E.Co.R. Women’s Welfare Organisation /Waltair and these vehicles were procured by ECoRWWO. Shalini Shrivastava, President ECoRWWO/WAT inaugurated the E-Vehicles today in august presence of DRM, Waltair Chetan Kumar Shrivastava; Madhulika Saxena, Vice President, ECoRWWO, Usha Ramachandra Rao, Vice President-ECoRWWO; Madhuri Kasipathi, Secretary, Ramanna, Ex.SR.DEE (operations) and M.Mahesh Reddy, present Sr.Divisional Electrical Engineer( Operations) and other ECoRWWO members.


The yearly average expenditure incurring for one hired vehicle is around Rs. 8,43,000/. Whereas the price of one E-Rickshaw is about Rs Two Lakhs and the running expenditure for one year hiring Km of 40,000Km is comes to Rs. 34,000/-.

One E-Rickshaw gives a mileage of 60km per charge, and it takes about 4-5 hours for one full charge by consuming 6 unit’s electric power. It has 4 batteries & one electric drive connected to the rear wheels of the rickshaw.
The city of destiny has very good scope to induct electric vehicles for commercial public transport purpose & to reduce the pollution for maintaining clean & green.


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