LoveLove website launched by youngsters from Warangal

While the government is striving hard to encourage the concept of ‘Vocal for Local’, a few youngsters from Andhra Pradesh, have come up with a one-of-it’s kind website called

This website is designed to provide information on foreign and Indian brands so that people know from where the brand originates and whether the products are manufactured in India. And if they are searching for a foreign brand, the platform suggests Indian alternatives which can be used.

The founders of the website Rohit Potepalli and Tejaswini Potepalli along with team members Ashwik Lingampally, Bharath Chandra Bathula, Sanju Pretham Sriram launched the website on June 25.

On being asked on what prompted them to come up with this idea, tech enthusiast Rohit, said, “Many people ask me for recommendations before buying tech products and recently I’ve observed that people started asking me if the brand I was suggesting is Indian or not, if that product is made in India or not. That triggered me because, I had seen #Boycott Chinese trends previously also when there were border tensions, but this never got too personal for anyone to make a choice for themselves. So when people started to ask and I myself found it hard to find the origins of a few products, which made me think only if we had a website that was simple to search and know these details.”

“Later we realized the impact that the platform could have if we used this platform to find opportunities for start-ups and encourage start-ups to fill the gaps that foreign brands made all these days.”

The home page of the website has a simple design with the search bar dominating the entire page when you open the website. The search bar allows users to enter a brand name and search results will be shown while they are typing the brand name to make it easy. Once he/she clicks on the brand name it will be redirected to the Brand Page.

The brand page is different for Indian brands and Foreign brands. Foreign Brands have limited information such as country of origin, a brief description of the brand, and its parent company. They have also provided an Indian alternatives column under each foreign brand, so users are redirected to the Indian brand page. Encouraging them to know about Local brands. Indian brands have more information on their page with the brand’s official website, social media pages, and online store.

Until now, 500 brands are listed and they are targeting to add 3,000 brands in the coming 6 weeks, most of which will be Indian start-ups who are filling the gap for boycotting foreign goods. They also will be adding popular products under each brand, so that recommending Indian alternatives becomes much simpler.


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