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It is a Shaky Sunday for the People in Vizag

Vizag earthquake

Tremors for about a few seconds were felt in many parts of Vizag on Sunday morning around 7.13 AM. Panicked people came out of their houses and gathered on the road as precautionary measures in some parts of the city.

The official sources said that several minor earthquakes of magnitude above 3.0 have been occurring in Visakhapatnam during the last seven days. The biggest one with a magnitude of 3.6 was reported on Sunday morning and the epicenter of the tremor was nearly 9.2 km northeast of Gajuwaka.

Few residents of the city shared their experience with Hello Vizag

Vani, Maharanipeta
I was sitting in the couch in our hall watching tv. That was when I observed a slight vibration in the window beside me. I thought it was the vibration of some drilling work probably. But later after talking to people, I realized that it was an earthquake.

Swathi, Seethammadhara
I live in the Oxygen Towers. I heard a huge sound while I was doing some work. I thought it was a transformer blast but later my daughter came from her bedroom and told that she felt the tremors. Then I realized it is an earthquake.

Girija, Pothula Mallayyapalem
I was sweeping the house when I heard a huge sound. I thought it was some sound from our above house. My daughter who is sleeping in the room, came out and said that she felt the tremors. We realized it is an earthquake


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