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It is high time to closure of all educational institutions in Vizag, says Parents


With the rise in Covid-19 positive cases in Visakhapatnam, parents are grappling with the fear of sending their children to schools. With this in mind, now they seek closure of schools amid the coronavirus threat still looming. The educational institutions reopened in February after of brief lull following the instructions from the state government. In spite of good attendance in the first few weeks, it gradually declined due to a spike in the number of second-wave infections. In March some students and teachers at Gopalapatnam, Anakapalle, Atchutapuuram, Anandapuram and a few other areas in the district were tested positive.

In April alone, Visakhapatnam district has reported more than 6,000 new infections and 23 persons died. Many parents allege that it is high time the government take a decision and close the schools. In most educational institutions, social distancing is being completely ignored.

During this time sending our children in city buses and auto-rickshaws during the second wave of a raging pandemic would be dangerous. With fear in mind, students followed social distancing and used sanitizers but as days gone by, the rules are being ignored completely. In most of the schools, students were made to sit three on a bench instead of two. There is a high chance of contracting a virus while going to school and coming, rued J Chanda, a housewife of NGGOs colony of Akkyyapalem.

Recently more than 100 students of Andhra University has tested positive has left a major impact. Most of the hoteliers are leaving for homes and attending classes in online mode. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior official of the Education Department said that until and unless there is an order from the higher-ups, we cannot initiate any action

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