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It’s a marriage time once again, as Covid-19 recedes


Marriages are made in heaven, but performed on earth, says an adage. But Covid pandemic has played a spoilsport. Hence, the parents have postponed weddings of their wards. It seems now, marriages are being performed as life is limping back to normalcy after almost nine months gap due to relaxation in Corona protocols and auspicious muhurats from the mid of November to January first week. The majority canceled and postponed marriages of their children due to the Corona pandemic in the past nine months and only a few people had performed marriages amidst Covid-19 restrictions.

Hundreds of marriages scheduled following Corona relaxed protocols after lifting strict restrictions giving a chance to perform marriages on a traditional note. However, gatherings in marriages would be limited between 50 and 100 following the Corona unlock guidelines. According to priests, auspicious muhurats started after the Dasara, while there are only a few good muhurats are available during the Dasara time.

They say that with Karthika masam that started from November 16, auspicious muhurats are available right from the very next day i.e., from November 17. They said that good muhurats are available in Margasira month on December 1, 6, 8, 9, 17, 18, 20, 24, and 27; January 1, 2, 4, and 7 in the New Year 2021. Priests say that three-and-a-half months ‘Moodham / Moudhyami’ that would start from the second week of January, which was treated as inauspicious, and marriages would not be performed during that period.

Due to not having any muhurats till April-2021 and the majority of people are preferring to perform marriages of their children in December and January first week. They said according to the reports nearly 40,000 marriages would be performed across 13 districts. Priests mentioned that the relaxation of Corona restrictions is helping to restart the marriage activity and appealed to people to follow Corona protocol to contain the spread of pandemic Coronavirus in marriages.

G Jayaraj, a parent, said that he planned to perform the marriage of his daughter in April 2020, but has to postpone due to the lockdown and more positive cases being reported during that time. He said that he is performing the marriage of his daughter on December 3 and all arrangements were completed as per the guidelines. He said he will follow the Covid guidelines asking the guests to wear masks, use sanitizer, and providing thermal scanners besides following social distance norms.

He said that the majority of marriage invitations were sent through social media platforms and they invited close relatives over the phone. One cannot forget the bitter experience of Kerala State about the huge resurgence of Coronavirus cases due to the shunning of Covid-19 protocols during the Onam festival.

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