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I’ve worked on Red like it was a new script: Kishore Tirumala


Kishore Tirumala’s four directorial ventures have been original screenplays written by him but for the first time in his career, he has attempted a remake, Red, starring Ram. Set to release this Sankranti, it is the official remake of Arun Vijay-fronted Tamil hit Thadam, an investigative thriller which narrated the confusion that arises among a few cops when they find out that the one accused in the murder of a youngster has a look-alike.

Kishore informs that besides the idea and plot, the fact that the original had a lot of drama meant that he agreed to helm the remake. “Also, I felt it would be something new for me as a director. I’ve just taken the basic idea and plot for the remake. I’ve worked on it like it was a new script altogether, investing five months,” he states, implying that he gave it a complete new spin. Citing an example, he adds, “Raghuvaran B.Tech released in Telugu after it ran for 150 days in Tamil Nadu, yet it did well here. I’ve worked on the dubbed version for a couple of months, changing 40 percent dialogue. Edit-wise too, there were some changes.”

The director believes thrillers have limitations when it comes to winning the love of the family audience but Red, he maintains, is only 30 percent thriller and has elements to attract both family audience and youth. “The mass elements one expects from a ‘Ram film’ are in abundance.

While one Ram will be in the zone of our previous collaborations, the other will be massy yet mature,” he adds. Red was to arrive last summer but the pandemic threw a wrench in the plans of producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, delaying the release to almost nine months.

Kishore utilized the free time to complete the bound script of his next, Adallu… Meeku Joharllu, an out-and-out family entertainer with Sharwanand in the lead role. “I’ve also written a couple of other feature scripts besides spending a lot of time with the family. I haven’t cracked scripts meant for OTT yet,” he signs off.

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