Jaanu is streaming on Amazon Prime


The movie that is a remake of the Tamil movie ‘96’ is now released on amazon prime.
With the boom of the digital platform, movies are reaching a wider range of the audience as well as people are now lazy to get out of their couch and watch a movie in the theatres. The movie which was lauded for its natural performance in Tamil is now out in Telugu at prime.
People are lapping it up as the movie made quite a buzz and was lauded for Sharwanand’s acting. There are good as well as bad reactions while they are watching it as people who watched the Tamil movie previously aren’t loving the movie much as the acting performance of Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi were phenomenal.
And as they say, a good story shouldn’t be remade as there will be comparisons all the way and the previous one will always stand out as it has already made a mark in people’s heart. Both the movies have one thing in similarity and it stands out for the wonderful music by Gopi Sundar.


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