Jio Glass is expected to cost around INR 14000


Reliance Jio says that “Jio Glass” comes with a convenient cable that can be attached to your phone and thus connect to your internet. It weights just 75 grams and is at the cutting edge of technology, that provides the best in class mixed reality services to provide a truly meaningful and immersive experience. Special attention was given to graphics so that the Jio Glass users will get the highest class visual experience. It comes with a personalised audio system so there are no accessories attached, it supports all the standard audio formats. Jio Glass already supports more than 25 applications.

For example, with Jio Glass an you can be sitting at home and join a meeting at your office with your colleagues in 3 dimensions, through holographic form of video calling an individual can be seen in a 3D avatar and seems as if the person is standing in front us, while any other individual can join in a 2D video format. Jio Glass allows smooth collaboration across devices and platforms to ensure we stay connected, no matter where we are. While chatting with your colleagues you can even share presentations that you will be able to view and present on a large virtual screen in any virtual environment you want with the help of Jio Glass. Not only that, you can have designed discussions and deliberations by sharing 3D assets and holograms with your colleagues. With Jio Glass the traditional way of learning geography will now become history. 

This device will soon be available for both individual and business use and is expected to cost around $200 (INR 14000).

Inputs from Praveena Mandapati

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