JioMeet to Pull Down Zoom


Recent entrant into the Video Conferencing Market JioMeet is all to become major competitor of the apps like Zoom. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancelation of various events, seminars, conferences etc and the lockdown has to the conducting of meetings, classes, webinars through online. While most of the corporate organisations have opted work from home, leading to the increased demand for video conferencing apps.

Zoom has become one of the major gainer due to this Covid-19 pandemic in India. Now its turn for JioMeet which is launched by the Reliance Jio. It can be said that JioMeet would become a tough competitor as it has a 24 hour limit on group meetings which is absolutely free. While Zoom only offers 40 minute meeting time for free and time more than that is charged. This means that JioMeet would save the money when compared to Zoom.

Zoom in a statement on JioMeet said that, “Zoom has experienced intense competition since it was established in 2011 and yet we have become the platform of choice for millions of participants around the world. We know what it takes to become the unified communications platform we are today, including the immense amount of work and focus required to create our frictionless user experience, sophisticated security, and scalable architecture.”

Now that any meeting can be carried without being worried about the time limit adds an extra advantage to JioMeet. As the meetings and classes can be carried out in an enlarged manner and more time can be allotted for discussions, raising queries, clarification of doubts without any time restrictions will have an adverse effect on Zoom. As the effect of running out of time will be applicable to JioMeet.

Inputs from Praveena Mandapati

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