Just a slap ‘Nahi Maar Sakhta’


Be it any gender physical violence is a big ‘NO-NO’ thing. Just because people are married or are in a companionship nobody has the right to torment another person.

That’s what we see in the movie ‘Thappad’ people may think why there is a hustle for that ‘one slap’ but nobody sees the amount of struggle, efforts that she puts in everyday household chores from cooking to cleaning and making the morning chai, she is to the point in her work.

It is not because of that ‘one slap’ that she leaves the home, she leaves cause there is no respect nor identity left of hers as an individual in the house. Venting out the anger of not getting a promotion at the office on your wife is not the right way to deal with things.

Society will judge whether you do a thing or not, you need to have dignity for yourself that’s what the takeaway from Amrita of movie ‘Thappad’ we get.

Watch Taapsee pannu’s movie in amazon prime which released on May 1.

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