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Kailasagiri is a vast park on top of hill with huge idols of Lord Siva and goddess Parvathi. The whole beauty of Vizag’s city could be seen on one side of the park, on the other side are the scenic curvy beaches of Vizag (RK beach n others) .Every visitor to the beautiful city of Visakhapatnam goes to Kailasagiri. That is why there is a craze for this tourist area.

According to the AP Tourism Department, 8 out of 10 tourists from abroad visit Kailasagiri. Kailasagiri is getting more elegant with new projects. There are already plans for more tourism projects in the coming days on Kailasagiri, a huge Shiva statue, conical wheels, Titanic View, Telugu Museum, Mini 3D Theater, Ropeway. VMRDA is undertaking development work on a total of 380 acres.

“We have prepared plans to develop Kailasagiri with all its facets. We are making food courts and other infrastructure available to cater to the tastes of domestic tourists as well as foreign visitors. We are already taking all possible steps in this regard. The 3D Planetarium project is a special attraction. Once all these are completed, Kailasagiri will be a major attraction in domestic tourism” said P Koteswara Rao, Commissioner of VMRDA.

VMRDA plans to attract domestic and foreign visitors with more new projects. Under the Restoration and Redevelopment Project, a 380-acre Kailasagiri Hill Top Park will be developed at a cost of Rs. 61.93 crore. Entrance to the park will be made more attractive. In addition, kiosks, food courts and state-of-the-art toilets will be set up. Landscape Works, Pathways, Viewpoints will be developed. CCTV cameras will be installed everywhere to provide complete security to the tourists along with the latest electric lighting. The DPR is also underway 3 Planetarium project to be built on 7 acres on the hill at an estimated cost of Rs 37 crore. VMRDA hopes to develop Kailasagiri by all means and double the current number of tourists.

Another Ghat road
The VMRDA is gearing up to make Kailasagiri more attractive with World Bank funding under the Andhra Pradesh Disaster Recovery Project (APDRP). There is currently a ghat road to Kailasagiri. Accordingly, preparations are underway to construct another Ghat road with modern facilities. The ghat road will be 800 meters long. The existing Ghat Road will be developed along with the construction of the Second Ghat Road at a cost of Rs 8.97 crore from APDRP funds. A DPR is also being prepared for this. All in all, VMRDA is moving ahead with a comprehensive operation to make Kailasagiri all beautiful in another year’s time.

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