Kanika Kapoor gets diagnosed with COVID-19


The ‘Baby doll’ singer who recently came back from London was diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus.
After coming back she also hosted a party for her friends and family in a five star hotel in Lucknow last week. Nothing was caught in the screening at the airport but it was four days back that she started experiencing some sort of a flu and after getting it tested, it was found on Friday that she is affected with Coronavirus.
It is said that initially she didn’t say the travel history to the authorities. With the diagnosis she posted two images in Instagram with one picture of earth wearing a mask and the other one is of her selfie. She urged the people to follow Governement’s order and asked everyone to stay at home.
Also she updated about her health where she said she is doing fine.
It is a basic thing, there is nothing to hide about if one travels, in fact it is quite an important factor to let the medical officials to know as hiding the facts will make the condition quite worse for oneself and others too.
The pandemic virus can’t be controlled if basic instructions aren’t being followed. If one is feeling uneasy or suffering with Flu it is advisable to check out as it will be beneficial and controllable at a much early stage.

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