Kerala is God’s own country for a reason


‘People don’t take trips, trips take people.’ Travel is always about experiencing rather than just sights and sounds. Travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn. To travel is to live. There are some places that you know will transform you, even before you get there.
Such is Kerala! It is rightly called ‘God’s own country’, will mesmerize you with its beauty and vividness. The labyrinth of backwaters, rows of coconut trees, emerald green lands, rich
culture, and scrumptious cuisine will make you fall in love with this God’s favourite land. I’ve been there a year ago and there’s something remarkable about arriving in a new city for the first time.
You can stroll around the colourful streets away from traffic sounds and crowds. Kerala offers plenty of opportunities to slow down, soak up the atmosphere and connect with those around you. And then there are the Kerala backwaters, which provide a serene backdrop to any Kerala experience and staying in a houseboat is the best way to experience the beauty.
Slowly cruising through the canals witnessing the tranquil beauty is relaxing and the best way to unwind. This place woos visitors from all over the world. You’ll come across a huge diversity of people, united by their warmth openness to visitors.
By Vuha K


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