Key High Court hearing today on the relocation of offices to Visakhapatnam


The establishment of three capitals in AP has reached a crucial stage. The decision of the AP High Court to impose the status quo on capital bills already approved by the Governor is becoming a topic of universal debate. A key hearing is set to take place in the High Court today. The High Court orders in the matter of relocation of government offices to the new capital Visakhapatnam have become an impediment to the government in the wake of legal approval for the formation of three capitals.

The central and state governments have filed affidavits claiming that the matter is within the purview of the state. The High Court is likely to hear three capitals set up by the state government using its jurisdiction today and issue key directions. If the High Court verdict is in favor of the government, the process of shifting government offices to Visakhapatnam will begin. Otherwise, the government will have to wait a little longer if it gets negative. But there is growing interest in what the High Court will do in the wake of the Governor approving the capitals along with the Central and State Governments.

The central government’s spending on the capital of Amravati, as well as the justice to be done to the farmers, are key factors in this issue. The government expects the High Court to have no objections to these clarifications. That is why the government is going to submit to the High Court the report given by the CRDA on the projects to be undertaken in Amravati even if the capital goes to Visakhapatnam and the structures currently pending. This is expected to become crucial in the final judgment of the High Court.

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