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KURUPAM TOMB – The True Story behind Vizag Taj Mahal


The Visakha Taj Mahal completed 115 years on 8th July. It stands as a symbol of love in the “City of destiny” for more than a century.

True story behind Kurupam Tomb:

Vyricherla Veerabhadra Raja Bahadur, was the son of Suryanarayana Raja the Zamindar of Kurupam. Veerabhadra is an Indian aristocrat and politician. He became the Zamindar of Kurupam in 1891, after the death of his father.

Later, he married Lakshmi Narasayamma in 1895. His wife Rani Sahiba Lakshmi Narasayamma Patta Mahadevi passed away during childbirth in 1902. Unable to overcome the news of her dismiss, Raja was heartbroken and decided to built a tomb in the memory of his queen to express his eternal love towards his soulmate.

The construction of the tomb was completed on July 8, 1905 on the seashore, which was on the outskirts of the Visakhapatnam. The tomb was built in Rajasthani style with the amalgamation of Dravidian, Mughal, European and other North Indian styles.

The Kurupam Tomb was initially named as Gyanvilas which later came to be known as Prema Nivedana Rupam. Poems were written in english on the four sides of the wall, praising the beauty of the queen.

The Greatest painter of all time- Raja Ravi Verma had sculpted a 2-1/2 foot bust of the queen which is made of marble. The bust had known to be stolen around 40 years ago.

Usually many of us doesn’t know that the couple present in a famous painting by Raja Ravi Verma are the Kurupam Zamindar and his queen Sri Rani Soubhagyavati Patta Mahadevi known as Rani Sahiba Lakshmi Narasayamma.

This is one of the best examples, to show that Visakhapatnam has hidden many gems including one of the finest love stories, which the world doesn’t know.

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