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Let’s usher in 2021 optimistically!


After year 2020 starting on a quiet note, people woke up to a big surprise in the second quarter after coronavirus pandemic striking with vengeance dished out tough challenges forcing people to take care and be vigilant by strictly following the Covid norms compulsorily–wearing mask and maintaining social distance to ward off Covid.

In fact, as each day after the outbreak of pandemic life became more painful looking at the reports of rise in deaths and increasing positive cases in print and TV media. This created a scare and unnerved people due to public healthcare not matching up to the expectations even as private health care was beyond the reach of the common man.

Suddenly, everyone started feeling jittery seeing the upswings and downswings in their daily lives even as negative thoughts swirling in their minds increased anxiety and restlessness.

In this context, experts coming out with varying degrees of contradicting reports only added to the confusion after it became certain that pandemic is certain to spill over to 2021. Notwithstanding the intense sufferings of migrant labour and employees due to sudden shut down of market and business houses on account of lockdown for most part of the year due to Covid, the extraordinary situation only complicated economic policy, as a result states had to bear the brunt of revenue shortfall.

The Centre failing to play a bigger role to extend help to States coupled with public healthcare woefully falling short due to inadequacies had a cascading effect on both people leaving them helpless. Moreover, it was a pathetic sight everywhere after coronavirus exacerbated a number of challenges as we prepare to enter the third decade of the 21st century leaving behind bitter and sad memories of turbulent 2020.

Still, one is not sure as to how long the ordeal would continue encircle and trouble us despite the Covid contagion has come down considerably. Thus this bringing the death toll to lower level not only gives a relief but a bright hope to people with Covid positive fighting for survival. In spite of the improvements visible on the ground, government and the people cannot afford to remain complacent. In other words, tentative gains in the battle against the coronavirus must be kept up by remaining vigilant.

Also, in the aftermath of death of unfortunate thousands due to the pandemic, it must not deter taking proactive action even if the stress is too very high to handle in the coming days. In this moment of crisis faced by the world one must not take chances because even a die-hard pessimist accepting the ground realities would change his/her mind and come forward to meet and manage the challenges for greater good of the people.

As it was quite right that China used covid-19 pandemic to its advantage to pressurise the world to listen to its terms by sending a strong message to the west that it cannot take them for granted anymore, its unacceptable behaviour thwarted by alert indian security when it tried to push inside our territory at Ladakh and other borders on the north eastern side by force sounded an alarm to China to give up its policy of trying to covet others’ territory by force now when the world is faced with a major challenge to defeat the virus or any time after.

Until then, with bated breath let us wait for the vaccine till it comes out to immunise us from falling a prey to this virus which has been playing havoc with the lives around the world. The announcements that vaccine is in the final stages before it is administered to all gives a sense of great relief even as history proves to this effect that after a global pandemic, lifestyle, social behaviour, economy and governance are bound to change.

Therefore, being optimistic in the toughest times is crucial for each one to focus on the task on hand in order to ward off negative thoughts from our minds and as well to minimise the spread of virus. Summing up, India after coping up the intense struggle for nearly a year must continue till covid retreats fully as visualised by experts by fighting with full resolve without getting an iota of feeling that in the end we land up as a loser.

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