Letter submitted by TDP medical cell due to lack of Vitamin-C tablets


Dr Suresh Somayajula, President of TDP Medical Cell-Visakhapatnam has submitted a representation to the drug inspector and brought to her notice the lack of Vitamin-C tablets. In the letter submitted, he has requested to make available Vitamin C supplements in the generic medical stores and to consider regulating the price hike of the Vitamin C supplements.

Preventive Covid-19 instructions from various healthcare institutes have suggested adequate boosting of the human immune system by the use of Vitamins and other means. Vitamin C in particular is well known to improve the function of the human immune system and also hasten human repair mechanism. But, the letter stated,:

(1) The availability of this essential supplement in the medical store especially generic medical stores is extremely limited
(2) The price of Vitamin C supplement has seen a steep hike from before the lockdown to what is being charged now. Prior to lockdown the average price of one tablet of 500mg vitamin C supplement used to cost around Rs 1/- now it is averaging Rs 5/- per tablet.
(3) Hoarding of Stocks and diversion of stock to Maharashtra is a wide spread belief due to which stock unavailability is seen.

“I request you to make available adequate supply of Vitamin C supplements and to facilitate the supplement at a subsidised cost to encourage its use,” said Dr Suresh.

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