‘Light up hope, but ensure social distancing’ says the Prime Minister


Around the globe, the pandemic COVID-19 has spread its claws. The novel Coronavirus which was sprung in Wuhan province, China, spreaded like the wildfire all over, affecting all the countries and taking the health, economy for a toss at a global level.

In India, the cases have gone over 2000 and with the death toll rising to 53.

Seeing the current scenario, he gives a special message on Friday by saying “let’s all of us gather at our balconies of homes and light up candles, torches or flash light for about 9 mins on Sunday, to instill confidence and light up hope within us. The fulcrum of his message was to light up hope within the hearts of people but also ensure the social distancing, as with help of solidarity and unity we can overcome this situation.

He also said that people aren’t alone, the population of about 130 cr are together in this mission to fight this out together.

The Prime minister have also appreciated the efforts put out by all the individuals by staying at their homes.

He says social distancing is the only way to come out of this situation. Hence he urges the people to not violate and keep following the social distancing norm to see the brighter side of day.

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