Local body elections have been postponed and is causing a lot of stir


The local body elections were scheduled to be held on March 21 and March 23 but now tables turned as the State Election Commissioner (SEC) on Sunday announced that the election is postponed to six weeks from now as the cases of Coronavirus is increasing and spreading fastly.
Though the Southern region is hot and humid it doesn’t mean it can totally curb the Coronavirus. Basic thing is to stay away from mass gatherings and the election is such an occasion that there will be thousands of people involved either in the campaign or for voting.
Putting forth the precaution first, the State election commissioner Nimmagada Ramesh Kumar announced it on Sunday. The Andhra Chief secretary Nilam Sawhney wrote a letter to the SEC urging to revoke postponement of the election.
Also, a complaint was lodged against SEC and Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan by CM Jagan as it was a unilateral decision and no prior discussion have been made before making a decision.
Even the CS put an emphasis that precautions are being taken to curb the coronavirus and as of now the cases are only 2 confirmed ones but four weeks from now nobody knows the repercussions.
Where this decision has caused a stir among people where people are taking sides of that it isn’t a good decision of postponement of elections, some people are at relief as elections are quite a big affair and for now, to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hands, it is best for postponement of such a public gathering.


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