Lockdown boosted the free movement of wildlife


Lockdown helped in free movement of wildlife around the country including Visakhapatnam. Due to low movement of vehicles and humans, different kind of species were spotted in around the hills of Kambalakonda Reserve Forest.

In fact, no accidents have occurred to any wild animal on the highway from Hanumanthawaka to Yendada during the lockdown period.

Through the camera’s that were set up at Kambalakonda, various species of deer, wild dogs, porcupines etc were spotted.

A farmer belonging to Visakhapatnam district said, that he had seen free movement of wild pigs on roads while going to his farm.

Different videos went viral on internet, during the lockdown which showed peacocks entering the localities, movement of herds of deer on the roads etc. Which clearly showed that nature is healing due to lockdown.

Inputs from Praveena Varma

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