Lockdown challenge can be followed to loose weight : 10 things that can be practiced while you stay at home


Either sulk or wake up to do something productive. Remember we all wanted a break or a time to introspect within ourselves, this is the time.

This lockdown, one can actually introspect and sort out one’s priority. Previously there were distractions like pizza, burgers and pasta but now one doesn’t have that option to explore or binge on to.

They say it takes 21 days to either leave or adopt a habit. It isn’t late though to follow something good:

1. Have a good sleep – Do not sleep less than eight hours or more than eight hours like a kumbhakaran. Early to bed is early to rise, wake up at the early hours. Ensure a good 8 hours sleep.
2. Have warm water with some lemon and honey – It increases your metabolism when you have a good drink in the early hours. Make sure the quantity is right.
3. Good breakfast – Do not ever skip your breakfast. It is good to have a heavy breakfast that suffices your appetite.
4. Ensure you have seasonal fruits – Fruits are really good for health. No amount of olay or sun screen can do as much as these fruits.
5. Balanced diet – It is not about not eating a meal. Need to balance the diet in such a way, that it has all, from fats to proteins and Vitamins.
6. Drink plenty of water – Eight to 12 glasses of water. Water just brings a glow to your skin and helps in cleaning up the system.
7. Exercise – No need to hit a gym or Zumba classes. You can follow certain exercises according to your body requirement. There is no where written that you need to hit a gym to cut down the weight.
8. Avoid binge eating Junks – Love lays, it is fine but then do know the truth that someday you will become a potato for your love of lays.
9. Healthy drink is always welcomed rather than a thums up or mountain dew
10. Have some badaam and nuts, in case you want to eat something. It helps in filling up your appetite.


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