Lockdown extended to two more weeks


After holding a meet with 13 ministers of various state, it was a call taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the lockdown to at least two more weeks that means till April end.

Seeing the current scenario and spiking up of cases, it was a call taken at the meet to extend the lockdown.

Previously Odisha and Punjab were the states who had already taken the decision to extend the lockdown.

Lockdown, means everything will be in a halt or a pause mode for two more weeks, there is so much to think about – employment to businesses, crippling downwards, Majorly economy of the nation.

But all the Ministers had the same point and urged from a humanitarian side as of now lives are more important than economy. And keeping things in consideration, this call was taken.

Praising the call been taken by the PM, Arvind Kejriwal said the country’s situation is far better than rest of the countries in globe. It is due to the early lockdown and handling things systematically and collectively, right now extension is a key, cause if it would have been lifted then the efforts put by everyone would have gone in vain.

This is the right decision. He tweeted this after the four hour meet.

It is said that the PM will be making a televised addressing to the people again.


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