Lockdown may get extended to two other weeks ?


The Pandemic has taken a toss all over the globe, with economy and lives crashing down. In India as of now the cases have risen above 5,000 and death toll above 100.

With India having a massive population of about 1.3 billion, it is quite difficult, if the lockdown gets removed right now, situations may go worse.

Being the Asia’s third largest economy, there is a fear of loosing lives and as well as livelihood, markets, sensex, economy crashing by and creating a pressure on the businesses, is something that is getting worked up and building a pressure.

The Prime minister Narendra Modi has said that the lockdown won’t be taken off in one go after April 14 and it likely may be continued for a while, to halt the spread of virus.

He will be having a all-party meeting in Saturday again, also he has asked for suggestions from the opposition party leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Mamata Banerjee and seeked suggestion from Pratibha Patil too. During such a situation, it is only collective and collaboarative work can attain a solution.

It isn’t declared as of now of how long the extension gonna go about but it is likely to be extended said the PM. There will be another meeting with all the CM of states and a call will be taken after the discussion in the meeting.


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