Lockdown may get extended ?

Lockdown may get extended

Seeing the current scenario and spiking up of cases – India confirmed cases of COVID-19 has gone above 4,000 and deaths above 100. Globally the situation is worse; the pandemic has taken a toll on lives as well as economy.

Crashing of economy is bad but is it more important than people’s lives ? Most of the state Government is in favour of extending the lockdown, seeing the aghast scenario. One of the Ministers who pitched in strongly was Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao who said “Personally I believe, saving lives is more important, later economy can be saved.”

Assessing the current scenario, even Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister said “Every minute thing is being assessed and after thinking, brainstorming, a decision will be taken in respect to the national interest and people. The decision will be declared at the right time.”

For now nothing has been confirmed, doctors, sanitation workers, police forces, government are doing their work in the betterment of situation.

Even other state Government Minister like Ashok Gehlot and others too are in favour of the extend of the lockdown for at least of two weeks, so that the situation succumbs or comes into a control. The lockdown may get extended atleast in the red zones states declared in the nation, if not in the entire country. As of now nothing has been confirmed, only with time things can be known.


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