Mahesh babu answers Q&A session


Super star Mahesh Babu has entertained his followers and fans during this lockdown through a Q&A session on Instagram and made them jump with excitement, as he answered many questions asked by audience and even added a bit of sarcasm to them.

Which is why you cant miss them.

▪︎ when a fan asked him a question if he and his son are of same height (after the viral video of him and his son is released where they are seen comparing their heights)- He answered He’s on his way there….any time soon

▪︎ when asked about crush ( though he usually skips questions on his love story to be open to public ) – Added that he did at 26 and then married her and tagged namratashirodkar

▪︎ when questioned about One secret abou him. His sarcastic answer is – Its a secret !!How can I tell you

▪︎ He Requestioned the audience when asked about Will he ever do a bollywood movie and who is the heroine of his new movie. His answers are What do you think and Who should it be

▪︎ When asked about David Warner’s dance on mind block.he replied, he was simply awesome!!

▪︎ He said he is really enjoying playing tennis, golf and baseball online with his son,to the question which is his favorite game

▪︎ Like most of the father’s,the best dish he could cook for his children is Maggie Noodles

▪︎ Prioritised the audience when asked about SVP release date, he said as soon I know you will be the first ones to know

▪︎ Also revealed that his hunger for perfection keeps him so determined

How are you handsome in this stage of life ? his answer is- Hmmm… Is that a trick question ???

▪︎ Asked about quarantine life with his family : Its been an experience of life time , I have done so many things with them that I wouldn’t be able to do, had I been working.  shows how much he loved being at home apart from work and trips abroad

▪︎ When asked about will he do a movie with puri Jagannath: Absolutely I would, He is one my favorite directors…I’m still waiting for him to come and narrate me. Is his answer where he indirectly revealed his willingness to work with puri

How about a movie with SS Rajamouli?

He expressed his interest to by saying, He is one very much looking forward to it.

▪︎ How much importance he gives to his family is clearly known, when he said he wanted to be remembered as a great actor, an amazing father to my children and a great husband to my wife.







Inputs from Praveena Varma

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