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Major takeaways from Covid-19 to sustain a healthy lifestyle


The pandemic has taught us many lessons on health and immunity which are often neglected. Now that our lifestyles have changed, how do we sustain in the long run? Vaidya Shikha Prakash, an ayurvedic consultant from Dehradun shares her insights on how to sustain a good lifestyle.

“During the pandemic we paid quiet a lot of emphasis to take care of our health and I believe as we move out of this phase we have to carry forward these learnings towards a healthier future. Immunity is not a single magic pill or one day effort. Our immune system depends on multiple factors. Lockdown life has definitely struck the bell and has taken us back to the basic. I feel it was a good time to reset our system, have a schedule, make time for our sleep, exercise, food and do things that make us calm,” said Shikha.

Women are the ones who neglect the most. So what should they do?

When the world froze, everyone stopped working but the work load of the women of the house doubled manifold. The maids were not there, there was no help. The entire family and household chore were on the shoulders of the ladies of the house. While taking all the care and precautions, the women in our society tend to get neglected.

“I feel women should prioritize themselves and make time for their meals, sleep and exercise. If the women of the house is healthy the family stays healthy and leads a life of prosperity,” shares Shikha from Padaav- A Specialty Ayurvedic Treatment Center, Dehradun.

What are the takeaways from the pandemic?

COVID 19 for sure has made us all stop, think and realize and take that important break from all the hustles we all have had. This pandemic has made health finally a priority in our lives, the age old saying that the health is the real wealth truly means a lot today. As soon as #COVID19 started to trend on media and everywhere around us, also started the race to adopt measures to enhance one’s immunity.

Major Food Takeaways:

1.Eat more of home cooked meals and avoid processed and packaged food
2.Eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables
3.Have a fixed eating schedule
4.Have an early dinner
5.Incorporate things in diet that helps us boost our immune system such as ghee, turmeric, honey, black pepper, milk, ginger etc.

Major Lifestyle Takeaways:

1.Set a sleep schedule – Sleep and wake up at the same time
2.Try and keep all your gadgets away from you while you sleep
3.Limit yourself to news and media
4.Avoid alcohol before going to bed
5.You really don’t need a fancy gym to workout always
6.We can continue to find 150 minutes every week for our mental and physical health to exercise

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